When In Rome...

...do as the Romans do!

The best places in Rome, from the experience of those who are born and live there.

When In Rome is a different kind of guide.
Not a list of the usual places for tourists, but a compilation of all the best that Italy's capital has to offer in shopping and gastronomy, selected with the help of three generations of romans.

From ethnic restaurants to antiques, from pasta to comics,
from coffee to fountain pens, for each specialty one and just one name: the best. With map address, phone number and web site all easily recalled with just one tap.

Some places are well known, others are well kept secrets known only to romans (and not to all of them).
But they are all places not to be missed. Your visit in Rome will be more deep and authentic as you'll do as the Romans do!

Please note: for some products (like pizza or ice cream) it wasn't easy to choose a single name amongst many others equally worthy. In those cases, besides personal taste, we preferred the less known name (because the most known is trivially present in any other guide).

But we are ready to accept your suggestions: if you think you know a place better than the one we have, please write to wheninrome.guide@gmail.com. We will gladly test it and eventually add it to the guide.